Chaotic Heart EP <3

by Isabel Twongyeirwe

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An EP about Life:)


released December 1, 2016

Produced by Inyanga John and Lagum Owor.
Album Art by Lamic Kirabo and Sezi Nuwewenka
Writing by Isaac and Isabel Twongyeirwe and Allan Wasswa
Vocals by Isaac and Isabel Twongyeirwe, Lagum Owor
Instrumentation by Inyanga John, Isaac and Isabel Twongyeirwe, Mayanja Paul, Robin Malinga and Isaac Apitta.



all rights reserved


Isabel Kampala, Uganda

A Ugandan 22 year old singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist into indie, pop and alternative genres.This platform showcases some of her musical work.
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Track Name: Beat again
If I can't feel my heart beat at all, how am I still breathing?
If I tried to sing its song, on my own, I'd be mixing up the words.
That's why I need you, to keep my heart for me. I need you to sing its melody. That's why I need you to be my remedy. Help it beat again.
Beat again.

If my blood curdles still in my veins, how am I to feel it?
Nothing to freely flow in my soul I am almost letting go.
That's why I need you, to keep my heart for me. I need you to sing its melody. That's why I need you to be my remedy. Help it beat again.
Beat again.

It's cold and it's dying. I'm wondering Lord if you who made can take it and keep it safe from me.
Keep it safe from me.
Help it live again.
Beat again
Track Name: Same
Hearts are made of flesh. Hearts are made of flesh and not stone. Yet I wonder why we fail to feel at all? I wonder why mine fails to beat.
Love is made of beats. love is made of beats from two hearts. I know the rhythm in them sounds as one. I know that loving you's a song.

Life is made of pain, caused by something mainstream and same. It's the mark that sets apart humanity. It is the wound in you and me.

I know but wonder.
I know but wonder; I wonder all the same.
I know but wonder, wonder; I wonder all the same.
I understand and wonder; I wonder all the same.

So life is made of pain, hope and faith but love will remain. it's stronger than humanity. It heals the wound that's you and me.
Track Name: Chaotic Heart
The beginning is always pure
I could never have been so sure
About this journey
But life’s the tutor of my every day
The search is never ending
For things ever fading
This wretched soul of mine
With nothing to relay

There’s something inside
With something else it collides
If only it could be more than memories crash and burn

I never thought it would stay
Hoping it would end today
With its hold on me
Is it surprising that I’m here anyway?

There’s something inside
With other things it collides
If only it could be more than memories crash and burn
There’s something inside
Insisting to abide
I know that it can be more than memories crash and burn.

Chaos got me so afflicted, it’s my heart; it won’t start.
Love has got my mind so twisted, it’s my heart; it won’t work.
Track Name: Unsafe
The faintest sounds of a heart beating in entropy are silent now
My heart overflows; drowns my mind in the redness
And the inward mutiny.

I’m losing my clarity, losing a part of me
And it’s gone. It’s all gone
There’s nothing left here to see
I’m bordering insanity
It’s not safe, it’s not safe, it’s not safe

The war is lost and rages on and on as a reminder
All because I can’t accept that I need you
Please tell me what to do.
Track Name: I'll be waiting
Yes, no, maybe- I’ll be sure to let you know, when I’m sure
Just wait and see my heart and mind synchronized, it’ll be the cure
To whatever and never for a second think my hesitance is a “no”
It’s to create and maintain some clarity I won’t let you go
Don’t be thinking like that, about how it’s supposed to go coz while you’re waiting
I’ll be waiting too.

Don’t smile at me. I don’t want to compromise my sanity
Just let me breathe. Stop asking what may answer is going to be
Coz I have to yes I do need to be so sure this is where I want to go
I gotta use every energy inside to make the smart choice
Don’t be thinking like that-About how it’s supposed to go
Coz while you’re waiting, I’ll be waiting too.